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Dib watched the bird through the camera viewer, waiting patiently for it stand still. It was midafternoon in Gravity Falls, and with the sun was coming out, the brisk morning air would soon give way to more typical summer temperatures.
The weather had been something Dib appreciated when he had came up here with his family. Gravity Falls currently had perfect trenchcoat weather: cold enough to require it in the morning, but never so hot for so long that wearing it would be torturous. Summers in his home city always felt terrible, a result of the urban environment coupled with the high humidity. His trenchcoat made those days feel especially unbearable, but he could never go the day without it. An investigator without his trenchcoat is like a photographer without his camera. It just didn’t happen.
And the trees! Gravity Falls was nestled within a vast forest, and so far Dib had seen more trees in just a few hours than he had seen his entire life back in the city. Currently he was d
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Kila Ilo: Initiation preview
The ground moved and Vikitier lost her already precarious balance. She tumbled down the hill, rolling head over feet until she reached the bottom, where a tree finally stopped her. She cried out as the back of her head erupted in pain, her vision going white. She blinked her eyes, trying to regain focus as her hand searched for her spear. As she started to wonder if the spear fell elsewhere, her fingertips brushed by something long and wooden. She reached out and wrapped her hands around the spear shaft, pulling it out of the mud and clutching it close to her chest.
By then her vision was starting to clear, and she made the decision to sit there until this whole episode passed, no matter how long it took. It was the only sane thing to do. The idiot who brewed the potion for her initiation must have overlooked the fact that she half the size of a typical jukani. With the amount she drank, she’ll be lucky if her heart doesn’t burst outright.
She looked at the hill she had fal
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Mature content
I'll take that as a yes. :iconanonymous-materials:Anonymous-Materials 6 4
Mort Takes A Holiday Rewrite Sneak Peak, Part 2
Mort stood frozen to the spot, his head craning up to maintain (reluctant) eye contact with the alicorn. Thanasia towered over him, her ashen body and rigid form almost making her look like a small monument. Even her expression was stone-faced.
"T-talk?" he squeaked out, trying to keep his teeth from chattering. "T-talk about what?"
She arched an eyebrow, looking vaguely bemused. "I believe you know. In fact, I know you know."
Mort gulped. The benefits of a mental link meant instantaneous communication, no matter where you were, or how far you were separated. The downside was that you inevitably got peeks into the psyche of the one you were connected to. Well, except for Thanasia, whose mind was more guarded than any safe, prison or moon. Mort imagined his own mind was about as secure as a straw house.
Nonetheless, he felt compelled to put forth a token denial. "W-what's there to t-talk about?" he asked her innocently, trying to sound baffled even as the terror was clear in his
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Mort Takes A Holiday Rewrite Sneak Peak, Part 1
From Terry Trotchett's A Concise History of Equestria:
If you were to ask ponies what they thought of Equestria, there would typically be one of three responses.
Most would happily go on about how it's one of, if not the, most beautiful land they've ever laid eyes on. When its lush, sprawling forests aren't meeting you at every turn, you're instead walking through flat, green plains that are punctuated with fields of flowers both unique and sweetly fragrant. The animals, use to the care of the equine inhabitants, are incredibly friendly and would like nothing more than to nuzzle up against some passerby. Not to mention that that most of the citizens are a kind and hospitable lot.
And Celestia's nice, too.
The second, and far more uncommon, response, is that Equestria is more than a little dangerous, with its habit of attracting not just the sweet, woodland creatures, but also the more dangerous, and often predatory, monsters that tower over your average pony, and just as ofte
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FiM: Mort Takes a Holiday 9
A huge grin appeared on Pinkie Pie's face. "Morty~," she said, in a sing-song voice. It wasn't just her who was looking at him now, it was every pony in the room. Quite a few of them were barely holding back their laughter.
He gulped, trying to back away. "Uh, heh heh, I-I don't know, Pinkie, I've never done this before and there are probably tons of more skilled ponies here, so I'll just—"
There was a sudden shove from behind, and he found himself stumbling forward, stopping just a few inches from Pinkie Pie's beaming face. He twisted his head around to see who had done it, but only had time to see Twilight Sparkle's own confused face before he was grabbed by Pinkie Pie.
"Yay!" she said, spinning him around like they were in a dance. "I just knew you couldn't resist! We're going to have so much fun!" She let go of him, and he twirled across the mat until he stopped at a corner. Not coincidentally, he was in the exact spot needed for him to play. Around him, ponies w
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FiM: Mort Takes a Holiday 8
Mort's reasoning for avoiding crowds was two-fold. For starters, he didn't feel comfortable in crowds, or rather, he didn't feel comfortable being visible in crowds. Plagues or fires were one thing, as there was a clear goal in what he had to do, and the recently departed almost always asked the same questions every time. They had become, more or less, a predictable affair.
Living crowds, on the other hoof, he had no idea on where to even begin. There was no clear cut purpose, no specific goal. Some ponies stood to the sidelines, enjoying the beverages and treats, some sought out particular ponies, some jumped in conversations in progress, and some just moved through the crowds, hoping somepony else would speak with them. It was terribly disorganized, and for someone who had lived according to a strict schedule for his whole existence, he had a hard time seeing how one could enjoy it.
Parties, concerts, celebrations, festivals, was one thing to watch them.
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FiM: Mort Takes a Holiday 7
Rarity sat huddled on the dressing room floor, sniffling as she beheld the task before her. On one side of her were the shoulder pads with their frayed tassels, the diamond-studded buttons and a single, chipped ruby. With them were over two dozen pieces of torn fabric, sewed together and arranged in a way that they were beginning to resemble a sleeve. Rarity found some solace in the fact the gold thread helped her know where to start, like the round edges of a jigsaw puzzle.
But it was of little comfort, as the other side of her showed; there lay the rest of the suit, haphazardly piled. She levitated two pieces from the pile and brought them in front of her, bringing them together. She looked at them intently (or as well as she could, given her eyes would water still), swapping their positions, rotating them in place, going through every possible combination. When it became clear they didn't fit with one another, she groaned in a small, miserable voice, and threw one of the pieces back
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FiM: Mort Takes a Holiday 6
It didn't take the two of them long to find him. He hadn't gone very far, settling down on a grassy slope, in the shade of a tree. The slope looked over the hub of the park, which consisted of a dirt path circling a fountain, surrounded by benches and several paths leading elsewhere into the park and into Ponyville. More ponies were beginning to show up, planning on enjoying the bright, clear day.
Mort didn't seem to register her until she was practically on top of him. He looked up at her with pink eyes, looking pitiful.
She gave him a comforting smile. "How's it going, Mort?"
He shrugged, murmuring something under his breath, before turning his gaze back to fountain.
Not to be discouraged, she asked "Are you sure you're not hurt?"
"I'm okay," he stated, simply. Hearing nothing else, Twilight Sparkle settled down next to him, keeping some space between them. She looked out at the park along with him, watching as Ponyville's citizens went about their activities. Friends were gossiping
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FiM: Mort Takes a Holiday 5
Mort quietly shut the door behind him, Rarity's suit draped over his back. The dressing room was larger than he thought it'd be, and just as frilly as the rest of the boutique. A light-purple wallpaper covered the walls, walls that at one end had a rack of dresses neatly hung up, and at the other end a number of pictures and paintings of mares in dresses. And at the far end of the room, there was a long, ruby-colored dresser with with white carvings, reminiscent of vines. A large, oval mirror stood in the center of the dresser, and in front of the mirror were dozens of bottles, brushes, eyeliners, lipsticks and other make-up that Mort had never paid attention to.
And there he was, covered in an all-encompassing black cloak (that technically wasn't a cloak but a manifestation of his ethereal body) whose best attempt at looking like a "normal" pony was imitating their skeletal structure. He was a shade that reaped the souls of dead ponies, he was almost as old as the princesses th
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FiM: Mort Takes a Holiday 4
It wasn't a great start.
When Mort had walked into the library, he had prepared himself to be face-to-face with Twilight Sparkle, and perhaps her dragon assistant as well. He had went through the note cards over and over, planning to recite them from memory, because he was fairly certain ponies didn't read note cards when introducing themselves. It was just him, introducing himself to her, alone, in private, to serve the extra benefit as practice for the others. Because surely somepony who was once socially awkward herself could understand if he had a little trouble with it.
But when he opened the door and found himself face-to-face with all of the unicorn's friends, his mind went completely blank. He felt nervous enough around one pony he didn't know. It was altogether worse when presented with six ponies he wanted to make a good, first impression on. And first impressions, according to Luna, were important.
It also didn't help that the looks he garnered were those of confusion
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FiM: Mort Takes a Holiday 3
The clock seem to tick very slowly in the quiet bedroom. Mort risked one glance—confirming it was almost time for the sunrise—before returning his focus towards the spell book in front of him. He read the instructions for the illusion spell over and over again, mentally going over each step. The Candy Mountain game board was laid out next to the bed, its cards scattered on both sides, filled with descriptions that were both saccharine and lurid, written by a bored princess and an indifferent pony shade a thousand years ago. He briefly looked over the top of the book, seeing Luna looking at him with eyes that were patient, eager and drowsy.
The two of them had been going over the same spell nearly all night, having to break the sessions up with little breaks to get his mind off magic for a moment to focus on other things, such as simple manners and how to act while tangible. Mort had never been with more than two ponies at a time, much less while keeping his real nature
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FiM: Mort Takes a Holiday 2
Twilight Sparkle looked at the pendulum clock that hung on the wall, the hands showing that the night was getting late. Stifling a yawn, she rubbed the bags from under her eyes and returned her attention to the matter at hoof; her friends had become involved in a dangerous, high-stakes, winner-take-all game. One that, at any moment, could send any one of them tumbling into an abyss that was virtually impossible to escape. Success or failure, it all rode on a little strategy, some negotiation skills, and a lot of luck.
She shut her eyes tight, feeling the arcane energy flowing through her horn as she levitated the luck-based artifacts. She gave a silent prayer to Celestia, shook them in the air, and threw them.
The dice rolled across the cardboard Ponopoly game board, until one and two dots came up on the two die.
Twilight Sparkle moaned miserably as she moved her tiara game piece three spaces, landing on one of the more nefarious squares: GO TO JAIL.
"Aw, better luck next
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FiM: Mort Takes a Holiday
From Terry Trotchett's A Concise History of Equestria:
If you were to ask some ponies what they thought of Equestria, there would typically be one of three responses.
Most would happily go on about how it's one of, if not the, most beautiful land they've ever laid eyes on. (Even if it's the only land they've ever laid eyes on, which is quite an impressive feat.) When its lush, sprawling forests aren't meeting you at every turn, you're instead walking through flat, green plains that are punctuated with fields of  flowers both unique and sweetly fragrant. The animals, use to the care of the equine inhabitants, are incredibly friendly and would like nothing more then to nuzzle up against some passerby. Not to mention that, for the most part, the citizens are a friendly and hospitable lot.
And Celestia's nice, too.
The second, and far more uncommon, response, is that Equestria is more than a little dangerous, with its habit of attracting not just the sweet, woodl
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Evil Summer Camp Prologue
Comic begins with extreme close-up of Jack's eyes.
JACK: Alright, gentleman, how do we get rid of Mary Sue?
Scene shifts to Jack's POV, where he's looking down a long table with the villains sitting across from each other. They're not amused.
MAX: Weren't you going to tell us how to do that, genius?
JACK: Oh well, yeah! But, y'know, I just want to hear what you guys came up with, because...uh...
There's a collective groan.
DARKSEID: As expected.
JOKER: This is what we're working with, Harley.
MELL: You know there are girls here too, right?
HELEN: What kind of evil genius are you supposed to be?
MAX: My butler would do better.
JACK: HEY! This stuff takes time, okay?! And it's not like you guys are doing any better!
HELEN: At least we're doing something, Jack!
JACK: Hey, don't take that tone with me! I helped capture Mary Sue, same as everyone else! I helped with the machine-
MELL: You provided the parts, it was mostly Helen and Zim who made it.
JACK: -and I helped set
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BSv3.5 - Amazing 3
The desert was the apotheosis of all deserts, huge, standing to the sky for what looked like eternity in all directions. It was white and blinding and waterless and without feature save for the faint, cloudy haze of the mountains which sketched themselves on the horizon and the devil-grass which brought sweet dreams, nightmares, death. An occasional tombstone sign pointed the way, for once the drifted track that cut its way through the thick crust of alkali had been a highway. Coaches and buckas had followed it. The world had moved on since then. The world had emptied.
Stephen King, The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger
The wastelands
February 19, 2003
6:21 P.M.

The wastelands, as Kel had called them, were barren, nigh-lifeless parts of Irk that sat between its vast cities and occasional forest. The lands were flat, safe the occasional rock formation that looked as if it had broke through the ground itself.  During the day, the land was enveloped in sweltering tempera
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