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From the looks of it, the erratic EKG was the only thing out of the ordinary. Everything else checked out fine, so they were able to send me home. I'll probably be avoiding the gym for a bit and just focus on what I eat for the time being.
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So these past few months I've been working out at a gym to try and lower my weight. Today, however, it seems I may have pushed it too far; I ended up passing out after a workout and had to taken to a hospital.

I'm feeling better now, but they wanted to keep me for another night in case anything happened. Apparently my EKG is a little inconsistent and they want to make sure it isn't anything serious. It doesn't help my mother's side of the family has a history of heart conditions, so better safe than sorry.

I'll update once I'm safe and home.
Dib watched the bird through the camera viewer, waiting patiently for it stand still. It was midafternoon in Gravity Falls, and with the sun was coming out, the brisk morning air would soon give way to more typical summer temperatures.

The weather had been something Dib appreciated when he had came up here with his family. Gravity Falls currently had perfect trenchcoat weather: cold enough to require it in the morning, but never so hot for so long that wearing it would be torturous. Summers in his home city always felt terrible, a result of the urban environment coupled with the high humidity. His trenchcoat made those days feel especially unbearable, but he could never go the day without it. An investigator without his trenchcoat is like a photographer without his camera. It just didn’t happen.

And the trees! Gravity Falls was nestled within a vast forest, and so far Dib had seen more trees in just a few hours than he had seen his entire life back in the city. Currently he was deep in the woods, hearing sounds that would’ve been impossible to get back in the city. While he was still a little annoyed that his father had dragged him and his sister all this way for a “summer getaway”, he had to admit that this was actually pretty nice. He had almost forgotten that there was a psychotic alien back home that was bent on world domination, and was currently running around unchecked.

His eyes twitched and he gritted his teeth, but after a few moments he calmed down, and looked to see that the bird had actually decided to stand still as well. Perfect, now all he had to do was take a picture, if only to show his dad that he could be “normal” for a little while, and—


Dib stiffened, deciding not to say anything. He positioned the camera, got the bird in his sights—

“Dib, look over here!”

He lowered the camera, growling under his breath. “No, Dipper! I am not going to look! I am going to take a picture of this normal, boring bird!”

“But I thought you wanted to take pictures of the weird and supernatural?”

“I do,” he said. “Too bad there isn’t anything ‘supernatural’ about this place!”

“Come on, don’t be like that. I showed you a bigfoot, didn’t I?”

“Oh, yeah,” he said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. “Who would’ve thought real bigfoots had natural zippers on their backs?”

“Like I said, it was a bigfoot in a fur suit! He had a skin condition. Bigfoots are really sensitive about not having hair.”


Dipper had been one of the first kids he had run into when his family came up. Like Dib, Dipper and his sister were staying in Gravity Falls for the summer at the behest of their parents. And, like Dib, Dipper said he had an interest in the weird and supernatural. The brown-haired boy had even offered to show him all the oddities of Gravity Falls. The “real” stuff, unlike the manufactured offerings of the Mystery Shack.

So far, it’s been one disappointment after another.  

He raised the camera. The bird was lazily pecking at the ground, even though there was nothing there. There was something unusual about the bird, but Dib couldn’t place what it was.

Dipper spoke again. “I promise, Dib. If you turn around, right now, you’re going to see something amazing.”

He sighed, lowering the camera again. “And what ‘amazing’ thing would that be?”

There was a dramatic pause, and then Dipper said, “A gnome.”

Dib felt his hackles rise. Whenever he heard ‘gnome’, he could only think of the robotic sentries that had guarded Zim’s base. He could no longer look at any garden gnome without suspecting that it was yet another of Zim’s drones, carrying out his fiendish, alien will.

“There isn’t a gnome behind me, Dipper.”

“Yes there is! He’s got the beard, the pointy hat, and—get this—they puke rainbows!”

Dib’s face scrunched up. “Was that Mabel’s idea, or yours?”

“Ergh, none of ours! It’s how gnomes work!”

A small, gruff voice suddenly spoke. “Hey, can we hurry this up? Us gnomes don’t like being in the open this long.”

“I know, I know,” Dipper said. “Give me a little time, the guy’s just a little skeptical at the moment.”

Dib rolled his eyes. “Give me some credit, Dipper. It’s going to take more than you lowering your voice to make me believe there’s a gnome back there.”

“Pfft, as if this boy could ever hope to sound as manly as me.”

“Hey, I didn’t take that from the manotaurs, and I’m not going to take it from you, either,” Dipper said.

There was the urge to turn around, but… no, if Dib did that there’d just be nothing there. He was excited at first to hear that Gravity Falls was somehow the supernatural capital of the world, but everything Dipper had shown him had turned out to be a big pile of nothing. ‘Bigfoots’ that had zippers, ‘jackalopes’ without antlers (that Dipper claimed had just fallen off for the upcoming winter), and now gnomes.

No, he was going to put his foot down. If he kept looking whenever Dipper said to, he was only going to encourage this. The preteen was clearly taking advantage of his interests just to play a joke on him, and probably get a laugh from his real friends later on.

Dib looked again at the bird, which was now looking straight at him. Maybe once he actually got around to taking a picture, he should pass it along to his dad, and make sure it wasn’t some rare species. He was sure there was something funny about it. He raised the camera, readying his finger over the clicker...

Dipper sighed behind him. “Look, Dib, I know how you’re feeling, okay? You work so hard trying to tell people something, to do everything you can to make them see something obvious, but no matter what you do they either don’t believe you, or all your evidence gets lost or destroyed. Like life’s pulling some twisted joke on you.”

Dib’s finger hovered over the clicker. The bird was tilting its head, as if expecting something.

“Uh, Dipper?” The gruff voice was back. “Could we hurry this along, because—”

“Shh, shh. Dib, weird stuff happens here all the time. I try to tell Stan, but he just blows me off. And when we try to tell other people about this stuff, or about Gideon, they act like we’re speaking some kind of funny language! I know how frustrating that is, which is why I wanted to show you all that stuff. To let you know it’s not all pointless!”

The bird was flexing its wings, ready to take off, but Dib barely noticed. Was it possible that Dipper had a point? How many times had he tried to show everyone that Zim was an alien, only for something to happen to destroy his evidence? Time and time again he tried to expose Zim’s lies, and time and time again, the universe conspired to stop him. It was like some kind of… “mysterious force” thing.

Maybe he and Dipper were more alike than he thought. And what he sometimes wanted, more than anything, was just an opportunity to be listened to.

Dib was so lost in thought that the bird finally flew away, spoiling the shot. Dib sighed, just as a shadow passed over him. Well, what was stopping him now? “Fine, Dipper, I’m turning around—”

And he did. He stared at Dipper, then the tree stump, then at Dipper again. He slowly approached, raising his camera.

Dipper gulped. “Uh, okay, I can explain—”

“Oh, no need,” Dib said, his voice dripping with mock cheerfulness. “Apparently, not only do gnomes puke rainbows, but they can turn invisible as well!”

He took a picture of the empty stump. The photo came out a moment later, one which he waved in Dipper’s direction.

“Oh yeah,” he said. “This is definitely going in my files!” He suddenly dropped the facade glared at Dipper. “I’m going home.”

Fuming silently, he turned on his feet and marched out of the clearing, never once turning to look back.


Dipper watched him go, then looked up behind him. The gnome flew through the air, dangling from the talons of a bald eagle.

“Remember me!” the gnome cried out, quickly becoming nothing more than a dot in the sky.

“I will! Um, whoever you are…”

Dipper sighed morosely, and sat himself down on the tree stump, resting his chin in his palms. He glanced to his right, and saw the bird that Dib had come close to snapping a picture of.

The bird looked up at him. “Wow, did you get a look at that kid?” the bird said. “What was up with that hair?”

Dipper could only facepalm.
Normal Pictures
A small snippet I wrote up for a picture I commissioned through :iconhideousblob:. I would like to turn this into something much bigger, but right now I got several other stories I want to do first.

The picture can be found here:…
The ground moved and Vikitier lost her already precarious balance. She tumbled down the hill, rolling head over feet until she reached the bottom, where a tree finally stopped her. She cried out as the back of her head erupted in pain, her vision going white. She blinked her eyes, trying to regain focus as her hand searched for her spear. As she started to wonder if the spear fell elsewhere, her fingertips brushed by something long and wooden. She reached out and wrapped her hands around the spear shaft, pulling it out of the mud and clutching it close to her chest.

By then her vision was starting to clear, and she made the decision to sit there until this whole episode passed, no matter how long it took. It was the only sane thing to do. The idiot who brewed the potion for her initiation must have overlooked the fact that she half the size of a typical jukani. With the amount she drank, she’ll be lucky if her heart doesn’t burst outright.

She looked at the hill she had fallen down, wondering briefly what had happened. She had thought that perhaps part of it had sloughed away from her weight, but it looked perfectly intact. She could’ve sworn it moved, but then again, she couldn’t trust any of her senses at this point. Even the colors were messed up right now.

It was for that reason that she tried to ignore how the hill seemed to move and waver before her. She would close her eyes and open them again, expecting the hill to be back to the way it was. The problem was that no matter how many times she did this, the hill never seemed to stop shaking.

Suddenly, she heard a wet squelch, and the hill appeared to grow upward. She blinked, trying to make sense of the spectacle. Her eyes drifted down to the base of it, seeing four thick legs that weren’t there before. The legs shifted their position, and it took her a moment to realize that it was trying to turn itself around. Turning towards her.

Some rational part of her was trying to remind her that what she was seeing wasn’t real. This was just an illusion, much like the ones the rest of her tribe saw when going through this ritual. Nonetheless, she found herself standing up, taking a defensive stance as she pointed her spear at the supposed illusion. Real or not, now more than ever did she wish she had been allowed to bring her laser pistol.

By the time it was finished turning, Vikitier could tell that the “hill” was not one at all. Instead of dirt, underneath its moss and mushrooms was thick, grey skin. The front of it was slightly elongated, and she could see the hints of a mouth, shut tight. It opened slightly, and she had to clench her teeth shut as a small, translucent arm suddenly reached out, as if trying to find something. More arms followed, some dangling lifelessly, others seeming to struggle with the creature’s mouth, futilely trying to pry it open.

She gasped when she saw a pair of white eyes peeking out from between the lips. They searched around before landing on her.

“Hello?” The voice was tiny, and seemed to come from where the eyes were. “Momma?”

Vikitier’s swallowed hard, trying her damnedest not to panic. More eyes began to appear, and with each pair there was a new voice, just as tiny. Just as young.

“I wanna go home.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I won’t be bad.”


“I didn’t mean it.”

“Please help me.”

The creature took a step forward, and Vikitier could’ve sworn she felt the ground shake beneath her when it did. The eyes were focusing on her now. Vikitier took a step back, forgetting about the tree that was behind her. She glanced at it for just a moment, and when she looked back the creature was suddenly closer, the tiny arms reaching for her.

Vikitier suddenly knew what the creature was. It was every child’s nightmare when growing up in her village. They would all be gathered around a small fire as they were taught the numerous spirits that inhabited the jungle. There was the rainmaker Paka, the sunbringer Sailo, the corpse eater Ilo, and hundreds more, all governing some aspect of the world they lived on.

And then there was Karack, who was said to gobble up the most terrible of children, swallowing them whole as he lumbered across the world, trapping them within his infinite stomach for all eternity.

As she grew older, it became clear to her what the purpose of Karack was. What did “terrible” children do? Broken down, they ultimately didn’t listen to their elders. And what lesson did the elders pound into their heads all the time, more than anything else? Don’t go into the jungle alone. A child that did was unlikely to find Karack in the jungle. Instead, they were more likely to become the dinner of one of the numerous predators that did exist.

Vikitier had stopped fearing Karack they day one of her playmates had her throat torn out by a grishaw. As she watched the life drain out of her, saw one of the most energetic children in the village essentially become a pile of meat, the idea of “just” being swallowed by a spirit didn’t seem so scary.

As Karack took another lumbering step toward her, she was quickly revising that opinion. The voices were getting louder, and she was beginning to make out the terror and sorrow in each one. She gripped the spear tighter, feeling the wood dig into her palms. This couldn’t possibly be real, could it?

With a start, she realized she was correct. Karack was just a story. A myth used to keep children obedient to their elders and to keep the from straying outside the village. She was still suffering from the psychedelic effects of the potion she took. Didn’t the younger ones in her village joke that you could see anything while under its effects? Didn’t her own research into the ingredients tell her as much?

“You’re… you’re not real,” she whispered. Karack seemed to pause, and though it did not have any eyes, Vikitier could’ve sworn it was looking at her. She hardened her gaze, and jabbed the spear in its direction.

“You’re not real,” she said, with more conviction, and felt a moment of triumph as Karack seemed to slide back a little. She grinned maniacally; Karack was just a product of her mind. If she insisted it wasn’t real, there was nothing it could do about it.

She took a bold step forward. “You’re not real!” she shouted triumphantly. “You’re not real! You’re not—”

And then it all went wrong as Karack opened its mouth wide. It did not roar at her; what came out instead was over a dozen jukani children, their dead eyes boring into her as they lunged out of the mouth, their icy hands clinging to her body as they all emitted a nightmarish shriek that filled her head, their jaws stretched unnaturally wide.

Every ounce of rationality fled from Vikitier in an instant. In its place there was only a primal terror, and it was from this that Vikitier found the energy to scream and run, the ghostly hands evaporating as she pulled away.

All four of her limbs pounded the ground as she fled. Around her the jungle blurred together into an indescribable assortment of colors and shapes. Trees bled into one another like paint on a canvas, and the plants on the ground turned into blobs of green and blue that rippled as she ran by. The ground felt only partially solid, and she thought that any moment it was going to swallow her up.

She tripped, sometimes even tumbled, but she never stopped moving, even as her palms were cut open on the rocks below. The terrible shrieks of anguish were constantly behind her, sounding only an arms length away. A terrible compulsion filled her, and she looked behind her.

They were right there, ready to grab her, ready to drag her into the gullet of Karack, because she was always a terrible child and she needed to be punished for what happened to Kilaka and Korvo and—

Suddenly the ground vanished beneath her. She felt herself fall through the air, watching Karack and the children it claimed get farther and farther away from her, rising into the sky atop a rocky outcrop. She twisted around to look down, and found herself plummeting towards a pool of water, hundreds of feet away. Her arms flailed, and she briefly had the insane idea of growing wings. With the water moments away, she shut her eyes tight and braced for impact.

She hit the water hard, feeling the shock course through her body, forcing all the air out of her lungs. She instinctively tried to gasp, and only succeeded in breathing in water. She was barely able to retain her consciousness as she felt it burn her lungs.

She thrashed wildly in the water, trying to make it topside, towards where the light was. She broke through the surface moments later, heaving up water as she tried to replace it with air. Gasping and choking, she swam towards the edge of the pull, pulling herself halfway out before collapsing in exhaustion.

She laid there, face in the dirt, her mind demanding she run, her body demanding she rest. With the last of her strength, she forced herself to turn over and lie on her back, to see where she had fallen from. The cliff she fell from loomed overhead, a mere twenty feet from where she was. Karack was, of course, nowhere to be seen.

She tried to think where this place was in relation to her village, but it was all a blank in her mind. She couldn’t think of anything. She couldn’t even recall the names of the jukani who came with her. Where were they now? Were they ever there to begin with?

When the darkness came, she could only close her eyes, welcoming it as it carried her away from her jungle home and into her dreams...
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From the looks of it, the erratic EKG was the only thing out of the ordinary. Everything else checked out fine, so they were able to send me home. I'll probably be avoiding the gym for a bit and just focus on what I eat for the time being.


United States
Current Residence: Ohio
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Personal Quote: Never doubt your significance.

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